@ the Philly Rock n Roll Half Marathon, 2018

I'm a marathoner, scuba diver, skier, kayaker, hiker, yogi, and adventurer. My expertise is applied to my travel writing, which focuses on wellness, outdoor and adventure travel. Check out my work featured in national publications such as National Geographic TravelerMen's JournalShape, Travel + Leisure, Afar, Esquire and more. I am currently based in Brooklyn, New York.

I am also a health and fitness writer, spanning creative workouts; developing and strengthening key muscle groups; smart food and nutrition choices; as well as interviews with celebrities, athletes, and scientists for expert advice that targets everyone from the millennial reader to seniors.

I am proficient in travel intel to help readers maximize their vacations and budgets. You will also find me dabbling in food and spirits writing, because, well, I like to eat and drink too. :)

Some of my most standout adventures include gorilla trekking in Uganda; cruising the fjords of Norway; swimming in the devil’s pool in Zambia; and road tripping through South Africa.